The Circle D Ranch

Rough and Ready
Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Single moth
er, Melanie Hunter is proud of her hard earned self-sufficiency. When a job opportunity sends her to a mountain town for an interview, she sees the adventurous trip in the wilderness as an opportunity to rescue her 8-year son from his infatuation of video games and television programming. But best laid plans do go awry, especially when faced with an off-road collision. When rancher, Gabe Davidson offers her shelter and a solution to her truck repairs, does Melanie trust the handsome stranger who professes faith in a God she turned from long ago, or does she see him as a threat to her independence?

Rough Ride
Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Rachel Wagner has struggled to build her catering business in Hawk Ridge, CO and finally feels the success of her efforts. Achieving success on her own merit has been a lifelong dream since any mention of her famous father brings the immediate approval of ranchers, and cowboys courting for a chance meet a legend. Rachel seeks God’s direction for her own life, not her life in the shadows of her dad. After his wife's death, Nick Davidson strikes out on the rodeo circuit to ride bulls, earning the opportunity to compete in the championship Finals Rodeo. When Nick suffers a severe concussion, he's forced to return home and face the memories he ran from years ago. A natural gas explosion puts a hitch in both their dreams and forces Rachel and Nick to reexamine beliefs they’ve long accepted as truth. Do they rise to the challenge, or do they choose to avoid change and remain in the comfort zone?

Diamond In the Rough
Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Jennifer O’
Reilly faces her final year as a grad student finishing her advanced Nursing degree. She plans to return home and work with her father in his established practice. Zac Davidson, high school team roping star and now administrator of Davidson Enterprises, makes it a habit to surround himself with capable people allowing him the freedom to play life for all its worth. Jen agrees to fill in as his temporary assistant, questioning her sanity in agreeing to work for her former childhood crush. When his carefree attitude collides with her compassionate responsibilities, can they both see beyond their hurt and pride to God’s perfect reward?

Lost Causes

Precious Possessions
Long Historical Inspirational Romance

Lila Porter believes she’s killed someone–but hasn’t a clue who it might be, or why. Nightmares plague her memory, teasing her with gruesome details of an event she can neither identify nor recall. Dominic James detests the title, Marquess of Athay, yet nothing save his family name allows him the freedom to pursue his ambitions despite a heritage filled with noble rancor and gypsy blood. Both are considered Lost Causes in a society governed by specific ideals and morals. Together, they discover courage to face overwhelming obstacles through trust in unlikely sources and faith in God Who has not forgotten them.

Timeless Treasures
Long Historical Inspirational Romance

Beautiful gypsy maid, Tonya Starishka, runs from a crime of passion, confident she needs nothing other than her skills of dance and deception to survive beyond the family band. Her wiles serve her well as fortune drapes her in gold and silk, yet, darkness dampens her joy and niggles at her conscience – an irritation that increasingly grows more difficult to brush aside. Vicar Grayson Barth battles his pride to tend his flock of desolate villagers. He loves his God, and his heart aches for the people in his parish, their existence a far cry from the life of ease and wealth he’d enjoy in his youth. An unlikely pair, Tonya and Grayson follow the road less traveled in search of true contentment.

Blind Faith
Long Historical Inspirational Romance

Ellyse Raddington savors the scent of fresh bread, the sound of cascading rivers, the touch of rose petals as she fights to retain the mental images of such things since the accident of her childhood left her blind. Instead of the knight in shining armor she prays to free her from her elegant prison, she apprehends a poacher in the midst of the estate forest. Cynical charmer, Bela Praskanov, detests rules and abhors boundaries even more. All one needs to be successful in life is a clever mind and dauntless wit, with an occasional slight of hand thrown in for good measure. Will worldly guile be any match for God-fearing innocence?